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Everything you need to know about being a tenant!
Tenant admin fees?

All applications are subject to a non refundable administration fee, once the application process has commenced we will hold your property 'under offer' for upto 4 weeks, if you fail to take up the tenancy within this period you will forfeit your admin fee and the property will be re-offered.

Can you really save me time when I'm looking to rent?
Absolutely! Rather than waste time patrolling up and down the high street looking in different agents' windows, chances are Key Property probably have just what you're looking for. We'll arrange a viewing at a time to suit you, whether that is a lunch time, weekend or even during the evening. We keep your details on our database and email you with new instructions until such time you have located a property.

What's the difference between a fully managed property and tenant find?
If your property is let fully managed, then Key Property will be your first point of contact for all maintenance and repair issues and we will act on behalf of the landlord. Tenant find means that Key Property finds tenants for the Landlord and arranges the paperwork, then the Landlord takes over the management and in this scenario you would contact the landlord direct.

Fully furnished? unfurnished? What's the difference?
Properties are let with different levels of furnishings. Broadly speaking, unfurnished means you can expect carpets, curtains and sometimes white goods. Fully furnished includes lounge room furniture, a dining table and chairs, beds, etc, and, sometimes other household bits and pieces. Key Property will issue you with a list showing what the property includes. 

How binding is the Tenancy Agreement I enter into?
A Tenancy Agreement governs all rent, which is a legal and binding document. You will be committed to paying rent until the end of the agreed term and you will be liable to legal action if you break the terms of the agreement. If your circumstances should change for any reason during your tenancy, it is a good idea to tell us as soon as possible. 


Do I need It? is advisable, your contents need to be insured, as the landlord's insurance covers the actual property structure, but not your possessions.

What about pets?
Most landlords are not keen on the pets and often as not there will be a clause forbidding pets.
However each property is different so please ask

Who do you contact for references?
It is in everyone's interests to ensure that you can comfortably afford the rent on your chosen property, references are taken on every property we let. The checks are much as you'd expect, eg verification of employment, past addresses, previous Landlord and so on. Sometimes a guarantor may be required. We are on hand with any questions you may have and the sooner this can be completed, the faster you can move in.

When might I need a Guarantor?
If your financial reference is weak for any reason, we could ask for a guarantor to support your tenancy. This is a serious commitment, as the guarantor will be as responsible as the tenant for all monies due and obligations agreed for the tenancy. Guarantors need to have strong financial references to show that they will not suffer hardship should they be called upon to pay on your behalf.

How much is the bond and will I get it back?
This is a sum equal to around one month's rent. This is held in a bonded Deposit Protection Scheme in accordance with government regulations. This means a third party will keep your money safe throughout your tenancy and then assist you and the Landlord reach agreement as to its return once you have left the property.

We adhere strictly to the new government rulings. This is very important for your peace of mind, as many landlords and agents use bond deposits as cash flow! Always press an agent/Landlord for information on exactly where your bond deposit will be held, ensure you are given details within 14 days of where the bond has been lodged. Applicants have often told us that they now wish to rent through agents as they previously had problems over the bond deposit return, when renting directly from an unscrupulous landlord. 

How long will it take from choosing a property to moving in?
Once you have made your choice, allow approx 7 days before you move in. This allows time for references and the preparation of the property and tenancy agreement, 
although we can turn around an application in 24 hours if needs be. However, it may be that the previous tenant has yet to move out, in which case more time may be required. We will keep you informed all along the way.

How do I pay my rent?
Rent is paid monthly by Standing Order from your bank. This has to be set up to leave your account 3 days before your rent day so that it arrives on the due date. This is a worry-free way of ensuring you never fall behind in your rental payments. Be sure to tell us if your circumstances change, for instance you change banks or your employment situation changes as we can then help you to protect your tenancy. The last thing we want is for you to fall into arrears.

How much money do I need to move into a property?
Before your tenancy begins we need to receive your first month's rent, deposit and administration fee in cleared funds, such as a bankers' draft or building society cheque or cash. Personal cheques can only be used if they are paid seven days in advance, in order to clear.

Who pays the council tax and other bills?
You do! All utility accounts at the property will have been closed in the Landlord's name. In all fully managed properties we will let the companies know that you are moving in and you will be responsible for opening an account in your name. We will agree the meter readings with you at check in and at check out, so that there is no confusion over liabilities.

Why should I choose to rent through Key Property
We value good tenants and our reputation depends on making your rental run as smoothly as possible. It's a fact that our feedback shows much of this is due to the relationship we build up with  tenants. When tenants do move on, many choose to stay within the rental market and we will be happy to provide a reference for your new property.