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Terms and Conditions of Business
  • Tenancy Agreement - We will prepare a comprehensive tenancy agreement in accordance with English Law to protect the landlord’s interest. Our standard tenancy agreement is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, which is for a minimum term of 6 months renewable thereafter by mutual agreement.
    Landlord’s must always remember that Notice to Terminate must be given to the tenant two clear months before the end of the term. The cost of drafting this agreement is included in our letting fee. Renewals are charged at £25.


  • References - We will obtain references on prospective tenants as appropriate including employers, previous landlord, as necessary.


  •  Inventory & Schedule of condition – We are happy to provide a full inventory service at additional cost if required, the report is DPS & TDS compliant, costs vary according to property size and contents, full details on request.


  • Property Repairs – We will investigate any repairs necessary reported at the property and instruct contractors to carry out any necessary work. Repairs up to an agreed amount will be carried out without prior reference to the landlord and above that amount shall be subject to the landlord’s prior approval. The landlord is free to instruct his own contractors to carry out any work should he wish to do so. We reserve the right to instruct contractors to carry out emergency work or work necessary where we have been unable to contact the landlord for prior approval.


  • Net rental Transfer – we will automatically transfer the net rental receipts to your account via BACS when we are in receipt of cleared funds from the tenant. The funds will then be available to the landlord after normal bank clearing arrangements. We will deduct from these funds any amounts outstanding from the landlord for necessary repairs or maintenance carried out at the property.


  • Landlords Protection Insurance – We can offer insurance to protect the landlords against a range of risks including buildings, contents, landlords liability, rent guarantee, legal expenses and emergency assistance. Full details are available on request.


  • Tenants Breaches – In the event that it becomes necessary to take legal action against a tenant if your property is fully managed Key Property will service the appropriate notices and make the application the the Courts on your behalf, you will be responsible for all fees relating to the Court process.  If we are required to attend court hearing as your witness there will be a charge of £100 per day.


  • Gas Safety Regulations – The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 are to ensure the safety of all gas appliances in let properties and must, before a property is let and annually thereafter, have all gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and keep records detailing any work done. The landlord must keep these records to be available on request by any tenant. The landlord hereby agrees to undertake responsibility for these safety checks and keep records in accordance with The Gas Safety Regulations 1998. Non compliance with this legislation could lead to CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against the landlord and managing agent. Unless otherwise advised Key Property will appoint a gas engineer to carry out annual inspections


  • Furniture & Furnishings – All furniture that the landlord provides must comply with the Fire and Furnishes 1998 (amended 1993), which covers all upholstered furniture and furnishings. The landlord hereby warrants that all furniture and furnishings in the property to be let fully comply with the Fire and Furnishings Regulations 1998 (amended 1993).


  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) - All rented property must be able to produce a current EPC following 1st October 2008, this must be available to a prospective tenant, upon viewing your property, we can therefore arrange an assessment if you currently do not hold an EPC.


  • Insurance – The landlord must notify his buildings and contents insurers of his intension to let so that cover may be amended as necessary. We can provide you with details of any additional landlord’s protection insurance you may require on request.


  • Mortgagor’s Consent – The landlord should obtain the mortgage lender’s consent to the letting.


  • Lessor’ Consent – If the property is leasehold the terms of the lease may require you to obtain the landlord’s consent prior to sub-letting, you should ask your solicitor to check the terms of your lease on the property.


  • Deposit – The landlord accepts that when we receive the deposit from the tenant as agents for the landlord deposits will be held with 'DPS' Deposit Protection Service, and any claim for damages will be subject to DPS terms & conditions.


  • Indemnity – The landlord undertakes to ratify whatsoever the agents shall lawfully and reasonably do by virtue of this agreement and to indemnify them against all costs and expenses properly incurred by them in carrying out their duties and all other actions and acts pursuant hereto including legal expenses.